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Twickenham Jazz Club


67 London Road
Twickenham, TW1 3SZ
United Kingdom
ph. +44 20 8892 3874
em. info@tiwckenhamjazzclub.co.uk


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Feb27Tue Sara Dowling Band 20:00

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Famous Hospitality and World Class Jazz in an intimate venue The Twickenham Jazz Club has been created out of the ashes of the renowned and highly respected Richmond and Twickenham Jazz Club.

Hosted by vocalist Lesley Christiane and saxophonist Kelvin Christiane, the Twickenham Jazz Club is built on the legacy of those wonderful years at the Crown in St. Margaret's Road where many outstanding international and home-grown Jazz musicians entertained its loyal followers with stunning, never-to-be-forgotten performances.

Real Jazz musicians love to play to an intimate, individual audience who truly listen to their music..This cannot be achieved in huge venues like The Festival Hall, The Royal Albert Hall or many of our central London prestigious venues, yet often the musicians that appear at Twickenham Jazz Club are in middle of a tour at such venues and just seek a 'Proper Jazz Gig' - they just want to relax and play the music they love, to a listening audience...so they call Kelvin and Lesley and Twickenham Jazz goes on, featuring some of the best intuitive and sincere Jazz musicians on our planet.

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