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The Jazz Bar


1a Chambers Street
Edinburgh, EH1 1HR
United Kingdom
ph. 0131 220 4298
em. info@thejazzbar.co.uk


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Date Detail Price
The Jazz Bar
Edinburgh, UK
Tenement Jazz Band
The Jazz Bar
Edinburgh, UK
Flying Machines
The Jazz Bar
Edinburgh, UK


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The Jazz Bar

What makes this really cool, multiple award-winning basement music venue so universally appealing is its unique daily mix of excellent, multi-genre live music, well-presented in a stylish but non-trendy environment, with great bar service, amid an ever-changing creative buzz.

Since we opened in 2005, our music programme has developed into a fantastic musical genre-mix, making the venue hugely popular with a diverse range of audiences. About one third of what goes on here is ‘Jazz’ of some kind, another one third is Acoustic/Blues/Roots, the remaining one third being Funk/Soul/Electric. So every single day there are multiple gigs of varying style happening (that’s 3-5 gigs a day – EVERY day!), but always with extremely high quality.

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