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U.K. based label for hwyl nofio, Parry/Soegaard, Steve Parry, The Oedipus Ensemble, Sandor Szabo, Gilbert Isbin, Trevor Stainsby.

hwyl nofio is a group that defies simple classification. Variously described as experimental, avant-garde, ambient, contemporary classical, free improvisation, the enigmatic collective specialises in music that blurs the boundaries that usually define genres. hwyl nofio (the name translates from welsh roughly as ‘emotional swimmers’) came about in 1997, it is an evolving ensemble based around its originator Steve Parry, who had previously worked with Matt Johnson of the the and Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound. “Steve Parry explores and exploits an ongoing collision between harmony and disharmony. Largely built around Parry’s abstract guitar patterns the music shifts between drone, embryonic melody and crackling elemental noise, replacing rock's normal linear dynamic with a series of fractured dialogues in which disfigured musical elements collide and merge with abstract blocks of sound” There are currently four hwyl nofio albums, The Singers And Harp Players Are Dumb, Hymnal, Anatomy of Distort and Hounded By Fury. HOUNDED BY FURY - the ensembles’ latest album - was recorded over a two-year period. The album includes material recorded live, with contributions from Danish fractal guitarist Fredrik Soegaard, Hungarian guitarist Sandor Szabo, Gorwel Owen, Trevor Stainsby and Mark Powell. A fifth hwyl nofio album entitled WERN is scheduled for release by hwyl records in autumn 2008.

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  1. Off The Map Parry/Soegaard
    Off The Map
    April 30, 2007

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